Do you like to take notes in your Bible?

People spend hours writing notes in bibles.  They also wear out these bibles, lose them, or do something like
give them away - effectively losing numerous notes in the process.  Notekeep is designed to help with this.

  • NoteKeep can be used to create a note file on any book, chapter, and verse of the Bible - just click on a Bible reference within the four-tiered layout and a corresponding note file is generated.
  • NoteKeep is not just for Bible notes! You can use it to create an entire library of notes on any topic. And for the person who enjoys logging daily events, NoteKeep's Daily Notes feature can be used to create dated note files.
  • Do you like sharing notes with friends? NoteKeep makes this easier by providing the option for users to blend their notes together.
  • NoteKeep provides users with the ability to format notes, copy notes, move notes within their note library, print notes, delete notes, and perform search, query search, and/or replace operations at any level of their note library.
  • NoteKeep keeps track of the user's note-taking history, and allows the user to quickly move to previously viewed files or to select a file from their note-taking history list.

           For complete details see the User Guide .

Note files for any book, chapter, or verse of the Bible can be auto-created for note
taking with a maximum of 4 mouse clicks.