NoteKeep - Bible note storage software

NoteKeep is a system in which you can keep track of biblical chapters and verses.
It is lightweight, people-friendly, and allows users to perform the following tasks:

  • Auto-create book, chapter, or verse note documents and storage libraries from the Holy Bible.
  • Create single or multi-tiered note keeping libraries and note documents for any topic. The note documents can accommodate text of varying fonts, font sizes, and colors, as well as pictures.
  • Auto-create dated note documents and storage libraries stamped with today’s date.
  • Edit individual note documents using either a built-in rich text file editor, Microsoft® WordPad *, or Microsoft® Word **.
  • Utilize the internet during note creation time with a built-in browser ***.
  • Copy or append note libraries using built-in import and export features. This allows the sharing of notes with one or many persons via an external writable device such as a thumb drive or interactive website.
  • Search and/or replace text within note files at a local or global level.

           For complete details see the User Guide.

           *   Microsoft®WordPad is required on user machine to use feature

           **  Microsoft®Word is required on user machine to use this feature

           *** Microsoft®IE is required on user machine to use this feature

NoteKeep allows users to browse (or listen to) the web while taking notes. Note files
for any book, chapter, or verse of the Bible can be auto-created for note taking with
a maximum of 4 mouse clicks.

Click the picture above to see Demo Video.